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Student Employment

Tutoring Center and Writing Center Employment

In the United States, 80 percent of undergraduate students and many graduate students work while going to school. Working fifteen hours or fewer while in college has been proven to increase student success. What better place to work than for the ASU Student Success Centers and Writing Centers, where you can reinforce your academic knowledge while working with your peers.

ASU Student Success Centers employ undergraduate and graduate students as desk assistants, tutors, writing tutors, supplemental instruction (SI study group) leaders, online tutors, academic mentors, graduate writing consultants and graduate statistics tutors.

How to Apply for Student Staff Positions

Visit the ASU Student Employment website and follow the steps below to apply for tutor, SI leader, academic mentor and desk assistant positions.

  1. Click on Search for Student Jobs.
  2. At the Student Employment Job Search page, click the Search On-Campus Jobs button.
  3. Log in and click the Search Openings link.

To assist in your search, requisition numbers are listed below. You can search for these specific positions using the requisition number. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Chloë Egan at chloe.egan@asu.edu or 602-496-0375.

Recommendation Forms for Student Staff Positions

Tutor, graduate writing consultant, and SI leader applicants should have a faculty member complete a faculty recommendation form.

Desk assistant and academic skills tutor applicants should have a faculty or staff member complete a faculty/staff ecommendation form.


Applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted via phone or email.

*All positions are Federal Work Study eligible. Only desk assistant applicants must be Federal Work Study eligible.  Applicants do not have to be Work Study eligible to apply for tutoring and supplemental instruction positions.

Get more information about Federal Work Study.

PositionRequisition NumberCampus LocationPosition Status
Tutor36694TempeAccepting applications
Writing Tutor36700TempeAccepting applications
Desk Assistant*36693TempeAccepting applications
Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader36704TempeAccepting applications
Academic Skills Tutor36695TempeAccepting applications
Graduate Writing Consultant36699TempeAccepting applications
Writing Center Assistantn/aTempePosition Closed
Graduate Stats Tutorn/aTempePosition Closed
GFA Tutor36706TempeAccepting applications
Marketing Design Assistant39280TempeAccepting applications
Tutor 36645Downtown PhoenixAccepting applications
Writing Tutor36643Downtown PhoenixAccepting applications
Desk Assistant*36642Downtown PhoenixAccepting applications
Graduate Writing Consultant36644Downtown PhoenixAccepting applications
Lead Tutor36792Downtown PhoenixAccepting Applications
Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader36719WestAccepting applications
Tutor36770WestAccepting applications
Writing Tutorn/aWestPosition closed
Graduate Writing Consultantn/aWestPosition closed
Desk Assistant*36690WestAccepting applications
Desk Assistant*36977PolytechnicAccepting applications
Tutor36976PolytechnicAccepting applications
Writing Tutor36687PolytechnicAccepting applications
Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader36689PolytechnicAccepting applications
Online Tutor36701Online (serves all campuses)Accepting applications
Online Graduate Writing Consultant36702Online (serves all campuses)Accepting applications
Graduate Writing Consultant36705ThunderbirdAccepting applications


Contact Chloë Egan at chloe.egan@asu.edu or 602-496-0375.