Workshop Requests

University Academic Success Programs offers many ways for faculty and staff members to connect their students to academic services.

Syllabus Statements

We invite faculty and staff to use one of our informational statement about UASP programs and services in their syllabus.

Campus Resources for Students

Online resources for math, writing and academic skills are available.

Writing Center Workshops

ASU Writing Centers facilitate in-class workshops to supplement classroom instruction. The workshops are designed to present information on a variety of writing topics. Writing workshops are offered on all four campuses in the following areas: academic integrity, APA citation, MLA citation, common writing errors, general writing tips and strategies, introduction to the Writing Center (five-10 minutes), peer review sessions, professional communication and tips for research writing. We ask that faculty members submit requests at least one week prior to the requested workshop date and time. 

ASU faculty and staff members can also schedule appointments to work with graduate writing consultants in our Downtown Phoenix, Tempe and online locations to discuss writing projects. To schedule an appointment, faculty and staff members can call 480-965-9072.

Request in-person writing center workshop

Request online writing center workshop

Academic Skills Workshops

ASU academic skills tutors and professional staff are available to present information to groups on a variety of topics related to academic success. Common presentation topics include:

  • calculating your GPA
  • email etiquette
  • preparing for finals
  • study skills
  • note taking
  • using Blackboard and My ASU
  • test preparation and test-taking skills
  • time management
  • campus resources
  • If your class or group is interested in an academic success workshop presentation, please contact 480.965.9072 or complete the form below.

    Academic Skills Workshop Request Form