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Graduate Academic Support

Graduate Academic Support

UASP's academic support for graduate students offers a dynamic, supportive learning environment and programs for ASU students enrolled in any graduate certificate or graduate degree program.

Graduate Statistics Tutoring

Graduate statistics tutoring provides any graduate student with free one-on-one appointment-based tutoring for coursework as well as peer guidance on the quantitative analysis portion of theses, dissertations, or other research projects. Graduate students can make an appointment with a tutor to discuss and work on:

  • Statistics coursework
  • Data cleaning and proper formatting
  • How to perform analysis using software such as SPSS, SAS, R, Excel, Minitab, and JMP
  • How to explain the meaning and significance of your results in writing

Need help scheduling an online appointment? 

Need to cancel your appointment? Use our how to cancel your appointment guide. 
Read about our appointment policies.

Appointments are available on the Tempe campus with current graduate students in statistical intensive majors. Graduate statistics tutoring is open to any graduate student at ASU.

Graduate Writing Tutoring

Graduate students can work with graduate writing tutors at any stage of the writing process to hone their writing skills and to receive coaching advice about navigating graduate life. ASU offers both online writing tutoring in addition to four on-campus locations to serve ASU graduate students. Please click on the campus names below to view the centers' locations and hours of operation.

The Tempe, West, and Downtown Phoenix campus centers also offer graduate students a place to read and write or to meet with a writing group.

ASU faculty and staff members can also schedule appointments to work with graduate writing tutors Online or in our Downtown Phoenix, Tempe, and West campus locations to discuss writing projects. To schedule an appointment, ASU faculty and staff members can call 480-965-9072.

To schedule or change a one-on-one writing appointment in one of the graduate writing centers, please view the schedule of available sessions and select an appointment time.

Need to cancel your appointment? Use our how to cancel your appointment guide. 
Read about our appointment policies.

Locations & Hours for January 15, 16, and 17, 2020

Downtown PhoenixTempe (Writing)Tempe (Statistics)WestOnline
UCENT 101Noble 280Noble 280FLHLB LL2Schedule an appointment
602-496-4278    480-965-4272480-965-4272602-543-6169480-965-9072

Tuesday: 12pm-4pm
Wednesday: 10am-4pm
Thursday: 10am-5pm
Friday: 10am-3pm


Tuesday: 10am-5pm
Wednesday: 10am-5pm
Thursday: 10am-5pm
Friday: 10am-3pm
Sunday (1/26):  5pm-9pm


Tuesday: 10am-4pm
Wednesday: 10am-2pm
Thursday: 10am-4pm
Friday: 10am-3pm 
Sunday (1/26): 5pm-9pm


Tuesday: 1pm-3pm
Thursday: 1pm-4pm
Friday: 1pm-3pm



Tuesday: 4pm-9pm
Wednesday: 4pm-9pm
Thursday: 4pm-9pm
Sunday (1/26):  3pm-10pm



 Please bring the following to your tutoring appointment:

• your ASU Sun Card (you will need to check in and present your ID)
• your assignment instructions
• a printed draft, if you have one

Writing Groups

Are you looking for peer assistance on your writing? ASU Graduate Writing Centers can assist you in organizing a writing group that can offer you a way to stay motivated, meet due dates and receive meaningful feedback on your writing.

To be matched with a writing group, we recommend that you identify two or more fellow graduate students (in your same degree program or even in another degree program) with whom you would like to start a writing group.  Once you know of colleagues who are also interested in starting a writing group, you can contact UASP's Writing Centers at (480) 965-9072.  We will then work with you and your colleagues to schedule a workshop where you will learn about the writing group process and how to create a preliminary schedule to get started.