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Jump Start FAQs

What is Jump Start?
If your admission to ASU includes the opportunity to participate in Jump Start, you can kick off your ASU experience. Through an online course ASU19, you will also have opportunities to work with supportive staff, learn about resources available at ASU, learn about yourself, and develop new friendships before the semester begins.

Why should I participate in Jump Start?
Students who have participated in transition programs such as Jump Start tell us that they feel more confident as they enter their fall classes. Learning how to use Blackboard will be an advantage over other students.

When is Jump Start?
The ASU19 course is offered four different times before school starts, though you search for it in the fall course list.

What is the cost of Jump Start?
ASU covers the cost of instruction. ASU19 is zero-credit, so there are no fees associated with the course.

How do I register for Jump Start?
Only those invited can register for Jump Start. Simply look for ASU19 in the fall course list and register.

How many students participate in the Jump Start program?
ASU anticipates that approximately 400 students will register for the ASU19 course.

What is the daily schedule for the Jump Start program?
During the week of your course, you can plan to spend approximately one hour on course material.

How will participating in Jump Start support my success at ASU?
By participating in Jump Start, you will learn how college is different from high school so that you know what to expect and what is expected of you. You will get practice using the specialized resources available to support your academic success.

Is it okay to miss class or meetings during Jump Start?
Since the course is offered online, you can access the information at your convenience. You do have to meet deadlines.

When will I receive Jump Start program details and information?
Make sure your ASU email is activated. The instructors for the course will communicate with you that way. Course information is shared via Blackboard and your instructors will explain to you, via email, how to access the site.

How do I sign up for an ASU email account and activate it?
After you applied for admission, you were issued an ASURITE UserID, which gives you access to online student services at My ASU. Your ASURITE ID is used to set up your ASU email account. Activate your ASURITE UserID at asu.edu/asurite. While activating your UserID, follow the instructions to set up your ASU email account. This is the official address to which the university sends student email communications.

Before you access your Gmail for ASU account for the first time, make sure that all your email is being forwarded to your Gmail for ASU account. You can then access your Gmail for ASU account in My ASU or at email.asu.edu.

If you would like to access your email using another email program, visit the ASU Help Center.

What is the UNI 120: Academic Success Seminar?
The UNI 120 course is designed to help you develop strategies to meet your academic goals. Students who have taken UNI 120 consistently report that this dynamic, engaging class effectively prepared them for the challenges of college life.