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The following services are FREE and available on a walk-in basis — no appointment necessary except for writing.


For assistance with academic skills like note-taking, time management, and test taking tips, select Academic Skills Tutoring as the course.

For foreign language tutoring, view available tutoring sessions offered through the School of International Letters & Culture at the Tempe campus.

Here are a few tips for using Tutor Search:

  • "Schedule an Appointment" will only be available for writing tutoring, graduate writing tutoring, graduate statistics tutoring, and online tutoring.
  • Multiple types can be selected under every search category.
  • ASU Online students should select online as type.
  • Use all search categories or just one.
  • For writing, or graduate statistics availability, select writing, or graduate statistics from the course list.
  • Results are grouped by staff member name.
  • Search results may be extensive, so scroll all the way down.