Student Success Centers located on all four campuses offer free tutoring in a variety of subjects to all enrolled students. Depending on the course, we offer in-person tutoring in small groups on a walk-in basis or online tutoring. For specific campus information, click on the campus name below.





Benefits of Tutoring

  • review key concepts from courses
  • learn new methods for note taking and textbook reading
  • formulate questions to take back to professors about course material
  • develop new study strategies

In-Person Tutoring

Please bring the following to your tutoring visit:

  • your ASU Sun Card - you will need to check in and present your ID
  • your class notes and textbook
  • your calculator, if needed
  • paper and pencil

Interested in becoming a Tutor?

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Important Dates | more
Apr 25

DPc: CHM113 Exam 4 Review UCENT 188

Come review for your Exam 4

Apr 25

DPc: BIO 202 Lab Practical Review 12-1:30PM

Finish Strong and come review for your final practical

Apr 25

DPc: BIO 201 Lab Practical Review 10:30-12PM

Finish Strong and come review for your final practical

Apr 25

DPc: MAT110 Content Review UCENT 188

Content Review for MAT 110 Final! Come review materials to make sure feel prepared before the final

Apr 28

Poly: BIO 202 Final Exam Review, 1pm-3pm, AGBC 118

Date: Monday, 4/28
Time: 1pm to 3pm
Location: AGBC 118, Poly
Description: This is a final exam review hosted by a tutor for Professor Oberstein's BIO 202 course held at the Polytechnic campus. However, any ASU student from any campus is more than welcome to attend!

Apr 28

Online Chemistry 116 Review

This is a review hosted online at 7pm Arizona Standard Time by a tutor for Professor Hendrickson's CHM 116 course. To attend this online review, go to https://studentsuccess.asu.edu/onlinetutoring and scroll down to the "Review Sessions" heading and click on the "CHM 116" class.

Note - you need to be logged in to your My ASU account to access the Google Form for the session.